Children not miners

Help children stop working in cobalt mines and go to school

What we do to eliminate child labor in cobalt mining

Since 2012 the Good Shepherd International Foundation has been working to eradicate child labor, reduce poverty and promote human rights in the cobalt artisanal mining communities of Kolwezi, in DR Congo. Through a comprehensive community development program, integrating education, social protection and alternative livelihoods we helped 5,000+ children, women and girls from the Kolwezi village of Kanina to find their voice and dignity, 1,900+ children escaped the harsh life of the mines to attend schools, 300+ women started a business in farming and 300+ girls gained skills in catering and dress-making.

Our goal is to improve the lives of many other children and their families in the mining communities of Kolwezi, enrolling 4,800 children in our educational program to finally attend school and quit working in the mines, improve their nutrition and develop their full potential, through physical, psychological and recreational activities.


Help children get out of the mines

Your donation is an opportunity to greatly improve the lives of hundreds of children, women and their families in DR Congo

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