Vision and Mission


The Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF) operates in accordance with the ethical values outlined in the Constitution and other official statements of the Good Shepherd Sisters (GSS). In the development of its work, the Foundation is committed to justice, peace and solidarity, and uses an approach that embodies compassion, gentleness, acceptance and respect.

The Foundation contributes to the efforts of the GSS worldwide by awakening in those wounded by injustice, oppression and alienation a deep sense of their infinite worth and dignity, and instilling in them hope for the future.

The programs that the GSIF help develop are focused on women, girls and children. They help them to experience a sense of belonging and tap into their full potential. Throughout its work, the Foundation shares the approach of the GSS who consider the direct relationships with people the key to helping bring about change in their lives.


The GSIF was founded based on the need to promote practices of solidarity between countries that have more resources and those who are more in need. This is driven by a spirit of stewardship towards the GSS missions in the developing world that don’t have the staff or skills to apply for grants and run fundraising initiatives.

With a presence in more than 70 countries, the GSS play an active role in the development of the local population. The GSIF sustains its efforts through a strong support network that links funding agencies with those who are in most need. The Foundation uses a bottom-up planning strategy in which the local partners use their nearby position to assess the needs of the community and translate them into development projects.