During the civil war in the mid 1970s, parts of Beirut came under heavy bombardment. One of the casualties of the war was an orphanage and shelter run by the Good Shepherd Sisters of Lebanon. The sisters had to hastily close it up and relocate to... read more
On May 2, 2008, Cyclone Nargis moved across southern Myanmar leaving a trail of death and destruction. Nearly 85,000 people died. It blew away 700,000 homes in the delta. It killed three-fourths of the livestock, sank half the fishing fleet and... read more
Mukuru is a sprawling slum in Nairobi where an estimated 200,000 people live. Poverty is everywhere you turn. Women and girls are hardest hit by the severe living conditions; violent crime, unemployment, incidents of rape, domestic violence,... read more
Just over a dozen years ago a group of women from the slums of Embu, having nowhere else to turn, called on the Good Shepherd Sisters of Kenya. These women were the victims of particularly oppressive cultural practices and sexual discrimination.... read more
For the past three decades, Thailand has been at or near the top of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies. The boom, however, has barely touched the rural Northeast, the North, nor the slums of the capital city, Bangkok. The UNDP Human... read more