In Madagascar, three out of every four people now live below the poverty line, with the poverty rate even worse in the rural interior. The global economic crisis, twinned with years of political instability, have sent the quality of life everywhere... read more
Deir Al Ahmar is a neighborhood in the Bekaa Valley, about 30 km outside of Beirut. Bekaa Valley is Lebanon’s most important agricultural region and it is an industrial force. For the people who live here though, life is difficult. Decades of... read more
The January, 2010 earthquake that struck the heart of Haiti was one of the worst humanitarian disasters to hit the Western Hemisphere in decades. More than 316,000 people died. Another 300,000 were injured and 1 million were left homeless. The... read more
Barranquilla is an industrial port city in Colombia with a large immigrant population. The crime rate has been stubbornly high for decades and the poverty rate is also at a troubling level. Among those most at risk are the poor, young, and socially... read more
The Angola miracle is a description economists sometimes give to the impressive recovery the country has witnessed since 2002 when warring factions finally put down their weapons, ending a 27-year civil war. The truth is it could take a full... read more