For 650 young school children in Cairo, disaster struck one early morning in June, 2007. The main building of their school, The Good Shepherd School on Attar Street, mysteriously collapsed just after dawn broke on the city. Although no one was hurt... read more
To be sure, life today is chaotic for the majority of residents of Damascus, Syria’s ancient capital city. But behind the headlines, there are seldom-told stories of tremendous generosity and charity, dedication and even hope. One of those... read more
Not far from the sleek, new resorts of Morondava, on Madagascar’s west coast, is a world that few holiday-makers would care to visit: the slum community of Tanamboa. In Tanamboa (population: 2,512), life is particularly tough on young women... read more
Life in the urban slums just south of the Nicaraguan capital, Managua, is particularly grueling. Some of the communities hardest hit include el Recreo, Marta Quezada, Jonathan Gonzales and Bóer, home to roughly 90,000 impoverished Nicaraguans -... read more
Today, nearly one in four Indians are born into one of the thousands of clans, tribes and sub-communities that make up the country’s harsh caste system, known officially as the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes of India. Despite recent... read more