D come Design is an association of women designers and communication professionals who are collaborating with our handicrafts production centres in Thailandia to develop new lines of fine manufacts, matching Thai women traditional crafting skills and Italian designers’ creativity.

Misean Cara is an Irish agency that has been supporting the Good Shepherd Sisters in Africa, Latin America and Asia particularly in development projects and emergency relief initiatives via a human rights and economic justice approach to development.

Kindermissionswerk is the children relief organization of the catholic church in Germany who has been funding Good Shepherd Sister educational and human rights projects for children in Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Most recently, Kindermissionswerk has provided support for GSS in ongoing projects to feed children at the Hekima Day Care Center in Kitale, and helped build a new roof for a school community in El Salvador.

The New York-based Good Shepherd International Justice Peace Office (GSIJP) is an NGO in consultative status with ECOSOC. For more than a decade now, GSIJP, through its affiliation with the UN, works to further the GSS mission of reconciliation, particularly in its orientation toward girls and women. It focuses on trafficking, migration, economic justice, prostitution, and ecology that deeply affect women and children every day, especially those that are marginalized. In line with the goals of the UN, GSIJP continues to extend mercy to the poor and to the oppressed, awakening our world to the dignity and value of each person.

Missio is a Catholic aid organization supporting religious congregations who work in developing countries. Missio, based in Germany, has assisted the Good Shepherd Sisters with projects in Angola, Africa as well as in other developing countries in the past.

Vista Hermosa is a corporate foundation born out of the Broetje Orchards, based in the state of Washington, USA, that engages in initiatives on immigration reform and with assisting developing communities in countries around the world. They have been supporting the Good Shepherd Sisters for the past four years in with GSS initiatives on girl’s protection and anti-trafficking programs in Andra Pradesh. At present, the foundation is supporting the sisters in an ongoing project in Mangalagiry, India that will develop an anti-trafficking awareness program to improve the lives of thousands of girls and boys.

The Comitato per gli Interventi Caritativi nel Terzo Mondo is the Italian Bishop’s conference committee that supports initiatives to promote solidarity and development of the people and local communities in developing countries. They have supported the Good Shepherd Sisters in community development and construction of schools, community centers and income-generating projects in Africa and Asia.

Australian Volunteers International (AVI) is an independent not-for-profit organisation that manages people-centred development projects and programs in a wide range of countries. Its work focuses on reducing poverty, providing health and education services, promoting human rights and gender equality, and protecting the environment. AVI members have worked with the Foundation's Mission Development Office in Lebanon.

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