How we help

We promote projects run by our global network of Good Shepherd partners based in developing countries. We assess the needs of the local communities and plan our initiatives accordingly.

We fundraise for our local partners and apply for international grants from public funding agencies, private sponsors and NGOs. We organise visits and promote the results of our projects to guarantee full accountability and transparency to our partners.


  • Aid to women and children victims of abuse, violence, trafficking. We offer shelter, legal and psychological counseling, training, assistance in finding a job.
  • Community development through income-generating programs managed by women in areas affected by poverty and high unemployment.
  • Social services in areas where local governments do not provide for the basic needs of the population: healthcare, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, nutrition programs, orphanages, shelters for single mothers.
  • Fair Trade Programs to help women and their families fight their way out of poverty through the manufacture and sale of handicrafts.
  • Education and vocational training especially for girls and women at risk.
  • Emergency relief for war refugees and victims of natural disasters.
  • Awareness-raising and promotion of Justice and Peace initiatives: campaigns, seminars, networking with local partners; lobbying at national and international level though our NGO office at the UN ECOSOC in New York on women’s rights and against human trafficking.