How we help

Protection of women and children

The Good Shepherd Sisters have a proven track record in working to eliminate the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children in Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia and Australia. To reinforce its actions at the global level, the Good Shepherd Sisters have established an NGO office at the United Nations which runs campaigns and advocacy initiatives encouraging the international community to take concrete actions allowing women and children everywhere to enjoy their fundamental rights, free from all forms of commercial sexual exploitation.

We know that a significant portion of those who end up being trafficked originate as economic migrants, refugees and displaced people.

At present, human trafficking is a $10-billion-plus growth industry with estimates ranging from 700,000 to 2 million people (primarily women and children) trafficked into slave labor or sexual exploitation annually.

Good Shepherd people’s approach to this phenomenon is based on the development of the whole person. Through various responses, according to specific needs and different legal frameworks, our projects offer shelter, healthcare, education and training to victims of trafficking to effect positive and long-term changes in their lives.

This is made possible, in the first place, by helping them grow towards a sense of selfworth, by treating psychological traumas and illnesses (especially for women with HIV/AIDS), then developing literacy and professional skills as well as providing day care for the women’s children and for orphans.

Our partners run programs worldwide raising awareness of violence and abuse by helping women to improve their health, by informing them of their reproductive rights, and by challenging the traditional customs that are harmful to them, such as child marriage and dowries.

With the support of our global network we wish to play our part in offering concrete alternatives to break the cycle of trafficking and abuse of women.

“Adopting short-sighted economic and educational policies that are not protective of dignity and human rights prevents societies from achieving the goal of gender equality and the empowerment of women.”



  • We build shelters to offer better access to healthcare, psychological and legal support, education and training for a larger number of women who leave prostitution.
  • We offer training and micro-credit to start small business to women seeking sources of income alternative to prostitution.
  • We offer access to medical services for women and children with AIDS/HIV as well as orphans of AIDS.
  • We offer training and micro credit to women living in rural villages to start up small trade and income generating activities to avoid leaving their towns or country and being trapped into trafficking and slavery.
  • We offer legal and psychological assistance to women and children victim of domestic violence.
  • We run advocacy campaigns to inform girls and women in the poorest communities about civil rights to free their lives from violence, domestic abuse, harmful traditional practices and discrimination.
  • We support associations of women and cooperatives to take an active part in the social and political life of their communities.