How we help

Economic Justice


For women and children in most parts of the world, poverty is the major enemy.

Whether this poverty is caused by the behavior of governments or major global economic players, by war and violence, by natural disasters, or by the corruption of national leaders – the effect on the lives of the people is the same. They suffer malnutrition, ill health, unemployment, illiteracy, homelessness, anxiety for the future of their children.Women and children are the ones most likely to bear the heaviest burdens of poverty.

Many countries with underdeveloped economies cannot offer social protection to the most vulnerable who are unemployed or whose income is severely reduced because of the decline in the demand for unskilled labor, the soaring prices of food and the loss of land, to name but a few factors.

On the other hand, globalization offers new possibilities for cooperation. Good Shepherd partners work in more than 70 countries to maximize these possibilities, providing economic opportunities and independence for women, access to education for children living on the streets or in remote rural villages.

Good Shepherd partners run income generating programs, micro-finance and fair trade projects since 1997 in cooperation with women living in poor communities, helping them break the cycle of poverty by using their skills and cultural traditions to market and sell authentic crafts. These women gain economic independence and justice for themselves through dignified work in cooperatives and associations. Many of these projects need help in opening or strengthening markets outside their local areas.

With the support of a global network of partners we want to play our part in helping globalization work for the poor of the world.



We improve access to basic services such as shelter, clean water, food, healthy living conditions, literacy for women and children living in the poorest rural communities and in the city slums of, to name a few, Sudan, Senegal, Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brasil, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador.

We offer concrete opportunities to gain economic independence employing women in Income Generating Programs in Kenya, Bolivia, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Senegal, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Paraguay.

Our micro-economic projects combine vocational training, micro-credit and marketing to obtain long-term effects for the women and their families.

We strive to widen and strengthen our fair trade markets for crafts produced by our partners in Philippines, Madagascar, Kenya, Thailand, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Ecuador.

We run protection programs for street and working children in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Nepal and India, providing them with life skills, access to education and vocational training.

To all our partners we offer training, counseling and economic support to expand and improve their skills, develop creative ways of processing products, by gaining access to national and international markets so as to improve the incomes of their families.